Youth Gems™ Face Mask


Pack size: 100 ml bottle face-mask

Combine: To get the best possible results with deep wrinkles, consider combination with Retin-Pro™.

Note: Keep-out of the eyes.

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Each one of the topically applied Youth Gem™ products contains 4 of the peptide bioregulators, (synthetic type). Specifically, these are:

1. Thymus- to fight infection.
2. Pineal- to aid free-radical support and increase telomere length.
3. Cartilage- to improve skin elasticity and
4. Blood vessels- to enhance blood supply.

Each type, whether it has been designed for application to the face, body, hands, neck, or the areas around the eyes or lips etc., has an interesting selection of other beneficial agents including; argon, cocoa, coconut, ginseng, green-tea extracts, Jojoba, raisin seed and more besides.

They represent the very latest aesthetics, all designed to maintain healthy skin and even to rejuvenate skin appearance by smoothing out wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, enhancing moisture content and presenting a youthful aura to skin.

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