SermPRO Spray™


Pack size: 500IU/5ml nasal spray


Sermorelin 1ml/mg*

*% Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Distilled water

Suitable for Vegetarians 

Combine: To improve GH production, consider either GHRP2-Pro™ or Release-Pro™.

Note: This is interesting because after the age of 35, GH levels in blood usually decline dramatically, but pituitary reserves of GH are not so bad. Thus, the question has been asked; is the problem one of GH release, rather than GH production?

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Contains sermorelin, a peptide that has been discovered to help the pituitary gland release its stores of GH. So rather than acting as an agonist- stimulating GH production, sermorelin appears to increase GH levels in blood by improving its release into blood.

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