Peptide Bioregulators™

Combine: All the peptide bioregulators are synergistic when combined with the blood vessel type.

DIRECTIONS:  The mechanism of peptide bioregulators means that they rarely have to be used every day.  Therefore the typical progams that are recommended are as follows;

1.  For healthy persons, wishing to support and maintain their condition, take 2 capsules once a day for 10 days (1 pack) and repeat every 3 months.

2.  For persons, more concerned about their current condition, the program should be 2 capsules once a day for 10 days (1 pack), every month.

Reference: ‘The peptide bioregulator revolution’ a book by Dr. Marios Kyriazis and ‘Peptides in the epigenetic control of ageing’ a book by Professor Vladimir Khavinson.




Contains bovine-derived short-chain peptides, which have been demonstrated in more than 35-years of published research to help regulate different glands, organs and tissues by acting as gene-switches and inducing protein synthesis. These original and naturally derived products have signifi cant and precise health adjusting capabilities; enacting innate stem-cell activity.

Pack size: SKU: SRP:
20x capsules adrenals 853 $70
20x capsules bladder 897 $70
20x capsules blood vessel 868 $70
20x capsules bone marrow 1039 $80
20x capsules brain (CNS) 867 $70
20x capsules cartilage 893 $70
20x capsules heart 898 $70
20x capsules kidney 869 $70
20x capsules liver 894 $70
20x capsules lung 959 $70
20x capsules muscle 978 $70
20x capsules ovaries 899 $70
20x capsules pancreas 892 $70
20x capsules pineal 884 $90
20x capsules prostate 854 $70
20x capsules stomach 896 $70
20x capsules testes 855 $70
20x capsules thymus 882 $70
20x capsules thyroid 883 $70
20x capsules retina 856 $70
20x capsules parathyroid 1040 $70

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Not Suitable for Vegetarian