Peptide Bioregulators Liver™


Pack size: 20x capsules liver

Combine: All the peptide bioregulators are synergistic when combined with the blood vessel type.

Note: Start with an intensive course of 2-capsules daily for 30-days, (a total of 60-capsules). Thereafter the regime can be reduced to 2-capsules a day for 10-days (a total of 20-capsules) each month, or every second month, or even every third month, as the individual need dictates.

Reference: ‘The peptide bioregulator revolution’ a book by Dr. Marios Kyriazis and ‘Peptides in the epigenetic control of ageing’ a book by Professor Vladimir Khavinson.


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Contains parent essential oils (PEOs) from plants; this special combination of plant oils helps the body to be supplied with a natural balance of omegas. There are many advantages of plant oils over the fish derived sources, one of which is their ability to remain stable at not become rancid at room temperature.

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Not Suitable for Vegetarian