Pack size: 60 ml bottle liquid


Minoxidil  15% w/v
Azelaic Acid  5% w/v
Caffeine  0.001% w/v

Other Ingredients: Glycerine, EDTA Sodium, Water UGF-1 and bFGF proprietary blend.

Note: It is also in a unique bottle that allows the user to choose either a spray-on applicator, or a drop-on pipette.

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MinMax-Pro is the only topical product to contain the potent growth factors of IGF-1 and BFGF to simulate hair growth. MinMax-Pro also contains azelaic acid, a blocker of DHT and caffeine to stimulate blood supply in the scalp. All of this is in addition to the highest strength minoxidil at 15%. MinMax-Pro represents the most advanced hair-loss lotion fo topical applications to the scalp.

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