1st Line™


Pack size: 1x complete kit

Sodium Thiocyanate 100 ppm *
Sodium Hypothiocyanite 400 ppm *

% Daily Value * not established (ppm = parts per million)

Other Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, poly aluminium chloride, lactoperoxidase and bentonite, (note that no hydrogen peroxide or aluminium is consumed as these converted by the enzymes in the manufacture of thiocynate ions).

Combine: Consider BG-Pro™ or BHT-Pro™ depending on the need.

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This unique kit is made up into a glass of water when it is required. It produces the natural OSCN molecules, (found in tears, saliva and mother’s milk) that fight off viruses and represent, the first line of immunity. It is typically employed as the first effects of flu first start to take hold.

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